Since the opening of Fleur de Lys Tafelcultuur in 1990 in the Amsterdam "Rivers Neighbourhood', she has focused exclusively on a segment that until then could hardly be found in the Netherlands. Fleur de Lys Tafelcultuur introduced several still existing ánd now unfortunately perished but unknown brands in the Netherlands.

Contrary to the range of other stores in the field of dinnerware, Fleur de Lys Tafelcultuur focused less on the usual mainly English and German dinnerware-, crystal- and silverware manufacturers, but on the lesser known but internationaly renowned French and Scandinavian brands .

After a whirling first five years in which we built up a clientele from home and abroad, in 1995 Fleur de Lys Tafelcultuur moved to the chic Beethovenstraat, which is still accessible in many different ways [parking € 0.10 for an hour!] where to this day she can be found at nr. 41 and where Fleur de Lys Tafelcultuur has set itself the goal of creating a limited but well-arranged overvieuw of the enormous amount of high-end brands that it can offer.

Of course we do not ignore our neighboring countries but our focus is still on exclusive and preferably produced in Europe, and therefore traceable, brands where the high quality of both the products and the production conditions are paramount. 

In terms of style, the collection varies from timeless, sleek modern to classical and sometimes lavishly decorated. 

On a beautifully set table, table linen (in several cases even made-to-measure and provided with family crest or initials) should of course not be missing. In addition, you can go to Fleur de Lys Tafelcultuur for luxury gifts and consumer items for on and around the dinner table such as trays, candlesticks and candles.

With our many years of experience in the field of wedding- and gift registries and our established name with decorators, [super] yacht- and aircraft builders, our team is very happy to help you make a unique choice for your well decorated dinnertable.

Fleur de Lys, a trendsetter to this day, has since been copied several times but has never been matched.